A building permit is not required to construct a new fence. However, the City does have a By-Law in place to regulate the height, material and location of the fence.

Please note: The City does not have a role in resolving disputes about the location or costs of boundary fences between properties. Neighbours are encouraged to speak to each other about their boundary fences and to resolve any issues that occur. If they feel it is necessary, they may wish may wish to seek their own legal or other professional advice.

Although a permit is not required, the construction of a fence must meet the provisions of the City of Sarnia Fence By-Law.

For further information, please view the Fence brochure or consult with Planning and Building Department staff.

For more information on Building Permits including fees, inspections, applications, and FAQs refer to the General Building Permit Information page.

Applications and inquiries can be submitted to building@sarnia.ca.