Help lost dogs return home by keeping your licence information up to date!

DocuPet offers a free 24/7 Lost Pet Service, HomeSafe, which accepts calls for lost & found pets at 1-855-249-1370, and allows for reporting dogs found or lost online.

Found a Dog?
If you find a lost dog, enter the code on the back of the tag to look up the pet owner profile, or create a Found Pet Report here:

Lost your Dog?
If you are a DocuPet member, login to your account now and create a Lost Pet Report. If you can’t log in, call DocuPet at 1-855-249-1370 and they will help you right away. The HomeSafe Hotline is available 24/7.  

More info on HomeSafe:

For information on dog licencing or to licence your dog with the City of Sarnia, please click here

If you see an animal in a hot car and are concerned the animal’s life is in immediate danger, dial 911. Members of the public should not attempt to enter a vehicle in these situations.  

  • Unlike humans, dogs have a very limited ability to sweat. Even a short period in a hot environment can cause suffering and distress, which could result in brain damage or death.
  • Excessive panting, drooling, listlessness, collapsing or seizures are all examples of visible signs of heat stress in animals. If you witness these signs in your pet, move the animal to a cool area and seek veterinary attention immediately.
  • Cruelty to any animal is not tolerated in Ontario. If you think an animal is in distress or being abused, call 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625)

Learn more about Ontario’s animal welfare system.