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Dog tags can be purchased one of these convenient ways:

  • Online at
    (Access code included on renewal notice to be mailed in early January)
  • In Person at Sarnia City Hall first floor Customer Service Department – 255 Christina St. N Sarnia, ON
  • In Person at Sarnia & District Humane Society – 131 Exmouth Street Sarnia, ON
  • Calling 1-855-249-1370
  • Forms to mail in are available at Sarnia City Hall (519-332-0330 ext. 3131).

Beginning in 2020 we have launched a new dog licensing program in partnership with DocuPet. DocuPet’s licensing program includes a FREE Lost Pet Service, the ability to upgrade to a designer tag of your choice, and personalization options. 

If you need to report a lost or found dog with a City of Sarnia tag, please click here

Pet owners will now be able to choose between two different sizes of licenses to best fit their dog. The small size will be approximately the size of a nickel, while the larger size will be approximately the size of a toonie.

Licenses expire 365 days after the date of purchase.

Your DocuPet tag(s) can be used for multiple years until needing replacement, however each dog(s) licence will need to be renewed annually.

2021 Dog Licence Fees

Altered – Spayed or Neutered Dog – $36.25
Unaltered dog (Not spayed or neutered) – $82.50 

2021 Dog Licence Fees – Late Fees 

Spayed or Neutered Dog – $62.50
Unaltered dog (not spayed or neutered) – $111.00

Dog owners in the City of Sarnia are required to licence their dogs, over the age of 6 months, annually in accordance with Regulation of Dogs and Cats By-Law.

Failure to license your dog each year may result in a fine of $150.00.

Dog Licence Information Change

Please update your online account or contact DocuPet with account changes:

Phone – 1-855-249-1370

Email –


If you see an animal in a hot car and are concerned the animal’s life is in immediate danger, dial 911. Members of the public should not attempt to enter a vehicle in these situations.  

  • Unlike humans, dogs have a very limited ability to sweat. Even a short period in a hot environment can cause suffering and distress, which could result in brain damage or death.
  • Excessive panting, drooling, listlessness, collapsing or seizures are all examples of visible signs of heat stress in animals. If you witness these signs in your pet, move the animal to a cool area and seek veterinary attention immediately.
  • Cruelty to any animal is not tolerated in Ontario. If you think an animal is in distress or being abused, call 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625)

Learn more about Ontario’s animal welfare system.