For details on business licensing call us at 519-332-0330 Ext 3350 or email IMPORTANT: If your business does not require a municipal business licence, adherence to the Zoning By-Law is still required. For more information, please contact

Before applying for a business licence, City staff can help determine if you require a building permit, based on your proposed address and the changes you plan to make. For more information contact or visit the General Information Page.


Adult Entertainment By-Law
Body Rub By-Law
Business Licensing By-Law and Fine Structure
Pawn Shop Licence By-Law
Taxi By-Law 
Vehicle for Hire (Taxi) Rates
*By-Law 96 of 2023 Low Speed Vehicle By-Law
Short-Term Accommodations By-Law
For More Information Visit: Short-Term Accommodations
Payday Loan By-Law
In Ontario, payday lenders must also be licensed Provincially by the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, and licenses must be displayed. The Provincial application package for lenders and brokers is available for download online at Ontario’s Central Forms Repository.  This site also offers mandatory education tools, and information regarding the rules for running a payday loan business.

General Information

The City of Sarnia’s Sewer Use By-law Number 13 of 2021 prohibits the discharge of sewage containing more than 100 mg/L of fats, oils and grease of animal or vegetable origin. Visit the Fats, Oils, and Grease page for more information.

Home Occupation Business

Anyone looking to run a home occupation in a residential area should first view the zoning regulations and consult with City staff . For more information, please visit the Home Based Occupation page or contact

Fire Inspections

Proof of compliance with the Fire Code, as determined by the Sarnia Fire Chief, is required for all new Business Licenses. To ensure your establishment is ready for your inspection, please review the following checklist. Click here to download a PDF of the checklist.

Commercial Cooking Checklist

Municipal Liquor Permit

A liquor sales licence may be issued to allow the sale and service of alcohol to the public. For more information and how to apply, please contact the Clerk’s department at or (519)332-0330 ext 3320.

The form is available online:

Additional forms required for a liquor licence are available on the AGCO’s website.
Special Occasion Permits (Short term liquor sales) are available at the LCBO, or by contacting AGCO.

All inquiries can be directed to AGCO 1-800-522-2876.

Patio Extension

If you are an existing business owner looking to expand outdoor food sales on private property contact or on city property contact
If your patio will be licensed to serve alcohol you will want to contact AGCO 1-800-522-2876


Click here for more information about business permits, licences and other requirements needed to start, operate and grow your business from the federal, provincial/territorial and participating municipal governments.

Door to Door Salesperson

Door to Door Salesperson Ontario Consumer Protection.