Residential Recycle collection in Sarnia is the responsibility of Circular Materials Ontario (CMO) as of July 1, 2023. For more information on residential recycle collection, including your collection day and acceptable materials, please visit the CMO webpage.

Visit the CMO Sarnia webpage

Residential recycling related inquiries can now be directed to CMO’s contractor, Emterra, at 1-888-597-1541 or

In June 2021, the Province of Ontario released new Blue Box Regulation that shifts the financial and operational responsibility of recycling from municipalities to the producers of packaging, paper and packaging–like products. As a result, responsibility for Ontario’s Blue Box programs will transition to producers, specifically Circular Materials Ontario (CMO), between July 2023 and the end of December 2025. Please note the City of Sarnia does not sell recycling bins. Recycling and garbage bins can be purchased at a local hardware or home supply store.

Commercial recycle collection in designated areas

Recycle collection for commercial properties in designated commercial areas is delivered by the City of Sarnia. For collection days please continue reading for more information on each designated area.

Downtown commercial recycle collection area

This area is defined as:

  • Front Street – Wellington to City Hall
  • Davis – Front St. to Victoria St.
  • Christina – George St. to Wellington St.
  • Seaway Lane
  • Cromwell – Victoria St. to Front St.
  • Lochiel – Front St. to Bayside Mall Entrance

Recycle collection in the area takes place on Wednesdays.

East St. Plaza

This area encompasses 106 East St. South to 146 East St. North. Recycle collection takes place Thursday.

Northgate Plaza

This area is bounded by 812 Capel St. to the west side of Elmhurst Avenue, and Capel Street to the west side of Oxford Street. Recycle collection takes place Thursday.

Mitton Street

This area stretches from 176 Mitton St. South to 102 Mitton Street North, and on Ontario Street from Mitton Street to Proctor Street. Recycle collection takes place Wednesday.