You can set out yard waste at the curb for pick up on your regular collection day on designated special collection weeks. You can find more information on designated collection weeks on our Collection Schedule Page.

Yard waste collection requirements

Yard waste must be placed in a paper bag or container. Containers must be rigid plastic without a lid, have drainage holes, and be marked on two sides with an ‘X’.

Individual bags and containers must not exceed 22 kg (48 lb) each.

Containers holding water will not be collected.

Yard waste must be set out no later than 7 a.m. on your designated collection day, and no earlier than 6 p.m. the evening before.

There is no collection limit on yard waste.

Accepted and unacceptable yard waste

Please review the list of accepted yard waste and unacceptable yard waste:

Accepted yard waste includes: Unacceptable yard waste includes:
• Leaves
• Grass or Sod with dirt removed
• Weeds
• Hay or Straw
• Unpainted pumpkins – pumpkins set out as yard waste collection are not required to be bagged; candles and embellishments must be removed (painted and embellished pumpkins are collected with garbage)
• House Plants (without trunks)
• Acorns
• Black walnuts
Brush, brush in paper bags
• Clay
• Feces
• Ferns
• Mulch
• Pinecones
• Root balls
• Sand
• Soil / dirt
• Stumps
• Stump grindings
• Stones / rocks
• Tree trunks
• Wood chips
• Yard waste mixed with brush

Some of the items above are collected as part of brush special collections.

Yard waste set out prior to your designated collection day, or placed on the road or gutter, contravenes The City of Sarnia’s Waste By-Law 62 of 2006. Contraventions of this By-Law can result in fines set by the court.

Missed collections

Questions related to missed collections and items left at the curb can be directed to the City’s waste contractor, Marcotte Disposal, at 519-339-9988 or

Yard waste items can be dropped off free at the Sarnia Compost Site. Drop off is available to Sarnia residents only, identification as proof of residency required.