Located at 379 St. Andrew St., the Compost Site offers residents the ability to drop off yard waste and brush free of charge during business hours. Residential yard and brush waste drop off is open to Sarnia / Bright’s Grove residents only. Proof of residency is required.

Commercial businesses can also drop off materials for a fee.

Yard materials such as wood chips, mulch, and compost are also available for purchase. Commercial clients can also order materials in bulk.

Hours of Operation

The compost site is open annually from April 3 to December 16, Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is closed on Holidays.

Loading of purchased materials is provided by the City from Monday to Friday, between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. only.

Loading of purchased product must be completed by 3 p.m., please plan accordingly.


Payment is made by debit and credit only. Cash is not accepted.

Accepted Items

Yard waste and brush can be dropped off at the compost yard during business hours only. As a Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks regulated site we can only accept organic items that will not contaminate or impact the compost, mulch, and wood chips we create, ensuring the products sold to our residents is safe to use.

There is no charge for yard waste and brush drop off for residential visitors from Sarnia (including Bright’s Grove).

The following types of compost can be dropped off at no charge:

  • Yard waste such as leaves, grass, or sod with dirt removed, garden waste
  • Brush: trees and branches that are less than four inches in diameter, brush greater than four inches in diameter is not accepted.
  • Pinecones are accepted with brush

Unaccepted Items

Items not accepted at the Compost Site include mixed yard waste with brush; brush in paper or plastic bags; tree trunks; root balls; soil / dirt; sand; mulch; clay; stumps; stump grindings; stones / rocks; black walnuts; pine needles; ferns; acorns; and pet feces.

Please note, you can use paper or plastic bags to transport yard waste, however you must empty the bags when dropping off materials and you must not leave bags at the compost site.

The onsite dumpster is not for public use.

Compost Materials for Purchase

Compost, mulch, and woodchips are available for pickup for both residents and non-residents, please consult the table below for pricing.

Orders less than 500 Cubic Yards $19.75+HST per cubic yard
Orders over 500 cubic yards  $15.80+HST per cubic yard (20 per cent discount)

Items for sale are not available for delivery. All items are plus HST.

Commercial Businesses

Commercial visitors can drop off brush for a fee. Please consult the table below for pricing.

Flat Rate (including car, van, light duty pickup and car/van/light duty pickup truck with trailer) $25.00+HST
Small Truck (4 to 8 cubic yards)$62.50+HST
Dump Truck (10 to 20 cubic yards)$78.00+HST
Dump Truck (25 to 40 cubic yards)$168.00+HST
Dump Truck (over 40 cubic yards)$357.00+HST
Scaled Trucks, Trailers and Roll-off Containers$87.00+HST per tonne

Commercial Bulk Material Orders

Commercial clients can order compost, mulch, and/or woodchips in bulk online.

Order online.

You can consult the table below for pricing on commercial bulk orders.

Orders less than 500 Cubic Yards $19.75+HST per cubic yard
Orders over 500 cubic yards  $15.80+HST per cubic yard (20 per cent discount)

If you have any questions contact Customer Service: customerservice@sarnia.ca or 519-332-0330 ext. 3131.