The Community Services Division works together to provide citizens with multiple options to ensure themselves, and the public can remember significant events and people within City park spaces. Both the Commemorative Asset Program as well as the Point Lands Cremated Ashes Scattering Site offer a place to remember those most important events and people in our lives, and a location to visit and recall those memories for years to come.

Commemorative Asset Program

The Commemorative Asset Program allows for citizens and groups to sponsor/donate towards a City asset (bench, tree, etc.) in a municipal park space to celebrate and remember a loved one, special event, special time, etc. This allows for individuals to have a personal keepsake within a City park that also provides more and/or revitalized assets for the general public to enjoy.

Please review the Commemorative Asset Policy below before submitting a request, to ensure you are aware and understand the program Terms and Conditions.

IMPORTANT: Per the Council approved Policy, no more than 10 application requests will be accepted per year. Applications for 2024 open January 2, 2024 at Noon.

Commemorative Asset Program

Commemorative assets add to the visitor experience and increase public. Therefore, limitations to this program are in place to make sure that any new asset installations do not:

  • Interfere with existing sport facilities,
  • Conflict with park designs,
  • Affect the growth of trees, or
  • Interfere with maintenance operations.

Currently, the Commemorative Asset Program includes the sponsorship of a Commemorative Bench or a Commemorative Tree in a City park space.

We understand that these Commemorative Assets may have personal and sentimental value, but they are not to be considered a shrine. Therefore, we respectfully advise that the placement of flowers, commemorative stones, wreaths, pictures, etc. at the site are not permitted.

The City is not be responsible for damaged or vandalized plaques. The City reserves the right to relocate the asset if unforeseen circumstances arise due to its location or setting. Nothing herein shall prevent the immediate removal of any item deemed by staff to constitute an immediate safety concern.

Tree Species are not guaranteed, options may include:

  • Dogwood (Alternate-leaved or Eastern Flowering)
  • Oak (Bur, White, Chinquapin)
  • Ohio Buckeye
  • Serviceberry (Downy, Shadblow, Alleghany)
  • Sugar Maple
  • Freeman’s Maple (Autumn Blaze, Autumn Fantasy, etc.)
  • American Beech
  • Cucumber Tree
  • Black Gum Tree
  • White Pine
  • Ironwood
  • Black Cherry
  • Hickory (Shagbark, Shellbark)
  • Sassafras
  • Redbud
  • Tulip
  • White Birch

Fees and Refunds

All donation fees are subject to the Council-approved Fees for Services (pending the yearly Budget Approval). Payment shall be made in full at the time the application is approved, and instructions will be provided. A donation tax receipt will be provided upon the applicant’s request.

The donation fee includes the bench/tree and installation, a standard plaque with inscription (benches only), and general maintenance and repair during the sponsorship period.

The cancellation of an application by the City or Applicant and refund eligibility are detailed in the City’s Donation Policy and/or Payments and Cancellations policy. Please only submit a request if you are aware of and understand the Terms and Conditions and costs.

Asset Type:2024 Fee:
Signature Commemorative Bench
(Metal, Waterfront Only)
Standard Commemorative Bench
(Composite, Parkland Only)
Commemorative Tree
(No Plaque)

Installation or Planting Periods

Assets vary and may require different approval timelines ranging from 14 – 30 business days.

Assets are installed within a seasonal installation period of May 1 to October 31. Unforeseen circumstances may alter the installation timeline including inclement weather, pandemics, obtaining contracting services/materials, etc.

Sponsorship Term and Renewal

Commemorative Trees: The term for a commemorative tree is a period of 2 years – this period includes a replacement of the tree should staff deem it necessary. There is no renewal for commemorative trees.

Commemorative Benches: The term for a commemorative bench is a period of 10 years – this period includes any maintenance, re-powder coating, or replacement of the bench.

After the first sponsorship period, staff will reach out to the applicant through the contact information provided, and the applicant will have the option to renew for an additional 10 years or less. There will be a renewal fee that will be 60% of the cost of a new asset, at that time.

If staff are unable to get in touch with the primary or secondary contacts, the asset will become available to the public.

Point Lands Cremated Ashes Scattering Site

Photo of point lands ashes scattering site stone and sign.
Point Lands Map

Nestled at the edge of the Point Lands, off Seaway Road past the Marina, the Point Lands Cremated Ashes Scattering Site features a gazebo, benches, and a platform with handrails leading out into the river. It was approved by Council in 2017 and was funded by donations, and was complete for public use in 2018. By scattering ashes in the water, you are effectively minimizing your environmental impact and ensuring you have a beautiful and scenic area to visit and remember your loved ones that are no longer here.

Reservations are not needed to use this space, and the area is open during Centennial Park hours for all to use on a first-come, first-served basis. No physical items, such as plastic flowers, can be left in waterways or at the site.

Located at 99 Seaway Rd., Sarnia, ON N7T8E6. Signage is posted along the path leading to the specific location.

Refer to the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry, or email