Report an Immediate Hazard:

During Regular Office Hours: Please call City Hall at 519-332-0330 Ext. 3131, to report a fallen tree or limb on a road or walkway causing an immediate hazard.

After Hours: Please call 519-332-0330 (or 226-472-1150 direct) to report a fallen tree or limb causing an immediate hazard.

Submit a City Tree Work Order

The City is responsible for trees on City property ONLY, including the boulevard.

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Tree Care and Maintenance Information

Please see the Tree Care and Maintenance page for more information.

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After you contact us with a Tree Concern, a work order is created, and an inspection takes place. Work orders are prioritized by known or potential danger and risk. The time it takes to complete a work order depends on weather conditions, available resources, condition of the tree and urgency of the work required. Priority is given to hazardous or dangerous work orders. Contact is not guaranteed from the Forestry team regarding a work order. For more information: Urban Forests