Please note, that the City of Sarnia only removes hazardous or dangerous trees.  The City is responsible for trees on City property, including the boulevard.

To report a tree fallen tree or limb causing an immediate hazard, please call City Hall at 519-332-0330 Ext. 3131 during regular business hours.

If reporting after hours, please call Sarnia Police at 519-344-8861.

Tree Work Order Request

Online form to submit a tree work order request.
  • If it is located in a park or on a trail, please input the park name or the closest address to the tree.
  • Input the type of work order request. Examples include tree planting, tree trimming, dead tree, diseased tree, overgrown tree, general tree inspection, etc.
  • Input any applicable details, and as much information as possible. Examples include a species for a tree planting request, the symptoms of a dying tree, etc.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

After you contact us with a Tree Concern, a work order is created, and an inspection takes place. Work orders are prioritized by known or potential danger and risk. The time it takes to complete a work order depends on weather conditions, available resources, condition of the tree and urgency of the work required. Priority is given to hazardous or dangerous work orders. For more information: Urban Forests