The erection of signs is regulated by Sarnia’s sign by-law. The purpose of the by-law is to regulate the location, size, and types of signs that are installed within our city.

The by-law also addresses aesthetics, lighting and safety, functional and safety issues such as traffic, pedestrian, and structural construction. Signs, whether they are small or large, need to be constructed and installed to avoid visibility problems and structural failure due to weather and age.

Professional (Architect and/or Engineer) Design and Review are required for the Construction of a sign where the sign is:

  1. A ground sign that exceeds 7.5 m in height above the adjacent finished ground,
  2. A projecting sign that weighs more than 115 kg, or
  3. A roof sign that has any face that is more than 10 m2

If in doubt, please contact us by e-mail at or telephone 519-332-0330 ext. 3301.

For more information on Building Permits including fees, inspections, applications, and FAQs refer to the General Building Permit Information page. Applications and inquiries can be submitted to