Tents can be grouped into one of 3 categories with different requirements under the Ontario Building Code:

  • Tents under 60 m2 / 645 ft2 (No permits required)
  • Tents over 60 m2 / 645 ft2, but not more than 225m2 (Permits Required)
  • Tents over 225 m2 (Permits Required)

Tents that require a building permit, will require a Final Inspection prior to use after a permit has been issued.

Tents over 60 m2 / 645 ft2, but not more than 225m2

These tents do require a Building Permit, however application requirements are quite limited. Only an Application Form, a Site Plan, and a copy of the tent’s Flame Spread Certificate are required. Tents are required to be setback a minimum of 3m from property lines.

Tents over 225 m2

These tents also require a Permit. In addition to the requirements above, these tents have a much more involved review process. Tents of this size are required to be designed and reviewed by a Professional Engineer as well as additional requirements with regards to sanitary and electrical facilities.

For more information on Building Permits including fees, inspections, applications, and FAQs refer to the General Building Permit Information page. Applications and inquiries can be submitted to building@sarnia.ca.