The Sarnia Fire Rescue Service is committed to protecting the people and property within our community.  We will be responsive to the needs of our citizens by providing rapid, professional, humanitarian services essential to the health, safety and well being of the community.

Service Delivery

Fire protection and emergency services are delivered to the community based on three lines of defense: 

Public Education

Sarnia Fire Rescue Services provides public education to the community so that residents acquire the fire safety education to fulfill their responsibilities for their own fire safety and take the necessary steps to reduce the incidence of fire.

Fire Prevention – Fire Safety Inspections and Enforcement

Ensuring that buildings have the required fire protection systems, safety features, etc, so that early detection and containment reduce fire damage and limit casualties.

Emergency Services (Suppression)

The community’s ‘Fail-safe’ for those times when fire does occur…
Emergencies cannot be eliminated totally – there will continue to be emergencies whether accidental, deliberate or natural.  In those cases services must be available so that the impact  of the emergency is lessened.