If you have questions about your tax bill please email, visit Customer Service, or call our office.
Please be patient as response times may be impacted due to an increase of inquiries. Thank you.

Tax Due Dates

Interim Billing Final Billing
Bills are mailed first week of February
1st Installment: February 27, 2023
2nd Installment: April 27, 2023
2023 Final Tax Bills are mailed first week of June
1st Installment: June 29, 2023 – tentative
2nd Installment: August 30, 2023 – tentative

Please refer to your tax bill for supplemental and omitted tax bill due dates.

Payment Options

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan – You can sign up for monthly automatic withdrawals, or automatic withdrawals on the tax due dates. To sign up for a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan, please complete and return an application form. Please see below for additional information on the plans available.

In person – City Hall is accepting in-person payments via cash, cheque, or debit. Our business hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm (excluding Holidays). Cheques in an envelope can be dropped off in the City Hall Drop Box, located just outside the Christina St. entrance. Please write your roll number or property address on your cheque.

Online/Internet Payments – Using your 19 digit roll number, no spaces, decimals, or dashes. Search Sarnia (City) Taxes or Sarnia Tax to add as a payee. Please note that we do not accept Interact e-Transfers.

Financial Institution – Payment can be made at most financial institutions. Please allow 2-3 business days for processing.

Post Dated Cheques – Mailed or dropped off and held until the cheque date.

Mail – to Sarnia City Hall, Tax Department, 255 Christina Street North, PO Box 3018, Sarnia Ontario, N7T 7N2 (cheques only).

Late Payments

Late payment of Taxes will be subject to a penalty charge of 15% per annum, on the first day of default and on the first day of each month thereafter, until paid. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse a taxpayer from the responsibility for payment or from liability for penalty for late payment. Penalty and/or interest cannot be waived or altered for any reason.
If payment in full is not received by the installment due date, a property tax arrears notice will be issued, and a $5.00 fee will be applied to your account.


A fee of $40 will be applied on all non-sufficient fund (NSF) payments.

About Pre-Authorized Payment Plans

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Details

Benefits of Enrolling

  • Free to sign up!
  • Never worry about missing an installment due date
  • Avoid penalty charges for missed payments
  • Budgeting for your taxes is made easy with the monthly installment payment plan
  • No need to mail in a cheque

The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PAP) is available, at no cost, to all taxpayers, provided the tax account has no arrears. To join the PAP program your property structure must be fully assessed.

Contact us at 519-332-0330 ext. 3131 or for details of pre-authorized payment plans available to properties in arrears.

Monthly Plan
Payments will be deducted from the designated bank account the last business day of each month.

  • The monthly plan runs from November to October. If you join after the cycle begins, payments are adjusted accordingly.
  • Monthly payments are adjusted twice per year; in November when the new cycle begins and in June after the Final Taxes have been determined.
  • You will be mailed a Final tax bill every year in June, which will include changes in your payment amount. Please verify the information on the bill is correct and retain it for income tax purposes.

Installment Plan

The installment amount will be deducted from the designated bank account on each property tax installment due date (February, April, June, and August).

  • You will be mailed an Interim and Final tax bill every year. Please verify the information on the bill is correct and retain it for income tax purposes.

How to Enroll 

Complete and return the application form along with a VOID cheque or PAD form from your bank to the Customer Service Department at City Hall or via email to Application forms are available below or from the Customer Service Centre located on the 1st Floor at Sarnia City Hall.

Line of credit accounts and credit card cheques cannot be used for pre-authorized payments.

Contact us at 519-332-0330 ext. 3131 or for details of pre-authorized payment plans available to properties in arrears.

Changes to Current Plan
Contact us in writing prior to the 20th of the month for all pre-authorized payment plan changes.

Emails advising of changes can be sent to or you can submit the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation or Account Information Change Form.

Please Note

  • Supplemental bills are not included in pre-authorized payment plans. Property owners are responsible for making the payments themselves. Learn more about supplementary and omitted bills.
  • Pre-authorized payment information is not transferable. When you purchase a new property, a new pre-authorized payment form is required.
  • If you own more than one property, a separate PAP enrollment form is required for each. Any payment default will immediately, at the discretion of the City, cause the account to be removed from the PAP Plan.
  • NSF fees, as well as penalty and interest will apply on all returned payments. It is your responsibility to inform the City in writing, if your bank account information changes.
  • If your banking information changes, you will be required to supply a new VOID cheque or PAD form for the new bank account.
  • It is your responsibility to cancel your enrollment in the PAP program in writing if you no longer wish to participate, or if the property is sold.


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Guidelines
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Application Form
Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Cancellation or Account Information Change Form

Contact Us

General Questions? Please email: or phone: 519-332-0330 Ext. 3131

Please forward Name Changes and Change of Ownership (from Law offices) to or fax 519-332-1466.

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