For inquiries related to missed garbage collection, schedules or collectable items please contact Marcotte Disposal by phone at 519-339-9988 or email at

Residential garbage is collected by the City and its contractors via curbside pick-up once per week.

You can set out up to three bags / containers of garbage, not exceeding 22 kg in weight or 121 litres in size each, at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Food waste can be placed in garbage for collection.

Garbage collection requirements

The following applies to curbside collection of garbage:

  • Garbage must be set out at the curb in plastic bags or containers.
  • Each residence is limited to three ‘lifts’ for pickup. An acceptable ‘lift’ for garbage is a bag or container no more than 22 kg (48 lb) in weight and no more than 121 litres in size.
  • All garbage must be securely bagged or contained. Additional bags must have a bag tag.
  • Acceptable material must be set out by the curb before 7 a.m. on your collection day, and no earlier than 6 p.m. the evening before.

Unacceptable items

For a full list of items not collected with garbage and large items please visit our Unacceptable Items Page.

Large items, yard waste, electronics, brush and hazardous materials

Large items, yard waste, brush, electronic waste and hazardous materials are not collected with garbage. You can visit our Special Collections Page for more information on how to dispose of these items.

Dumpster collection requirements

Some commercial and residential properties require a dumpster for garbage collection.

To determine if a property requires a dumpster, you should contact the Planning Department for information contained in the property’s site plan agreement. Generally, if a property is multi-residential or ICI, and has space for a dumpster, the site plan requires one.

Missed collections

Questions related to missed collections and items left at the curb can be directed to the City’s waste contractor, Marcotte Disposal, at 519-339-9988 or

Bag tags

You can purchase bag tags for bags over the collection limit. Learn more about purchase locations on our Bag Tag Page.

Special consideration collections

For residents with medical mobility limitations requesting accommodation for curbside collection of garbage the City offers special assistance in the form of accommodated service. For more information please visit our special consideration collection page.

Sarnia’s Waste Collection By-Law

If your waste is set out prior to the designated day or placed on the road or in the ditch / gutter it contravenes Sarnia’s Waste Collection By-Law 62 of 2006. Contraventions of this By-Law can result in fines set by the court.