Who do I contact for questions/concerns about collection services?

Waste collection, large item, compost, and brush collection: Marcotte Disposal at 519-339-9988. Other questions: City of Sarnia Customer Service at 519-332-0330 ext. 3131 or customerservice@sarnia.ca.

Waste Recycling Yard Waste Brush Large Items
Is there a limit?Limit of 3 bags or containers. Additional bags must have a bag tag.No limit.No limit.Limit of 10 bundles or rigid containers marked with an ‘X’.No limit.
When are materials collected?Weekly, including holidays (pushed back by one day Dec. 25-30).Every second week on your waste collection day (pushed back by one day Dec. 25-30).Weeks marked with a leaf on the Collection Schedule.Weeks marked with a branch on the Collection Schedule.On your waste collection day during the first full week of each month.
What type of container or bag can I use to set out my material? Dark bags (black or green) or a container no larger than 121 L (32 gals). Approved rigid recycling container no larger than 121 L (32 gals). Cardboard must be bundled 1m x 1m x ½m. Paper bags or containers marked with an ‘X’ on two sides. Up to 22 kg (48Ibs). Rigid containers marked with an ‘X’ on two sides or tied in a bundle. Up to 22 kg (48Ibs).  

What time do collection services start each day?

Collection services begin a 7:00 a.m. daily. Collection occurs all day long.

Where are bag tags sold?

A full list of available locations is found on this link: Bag Tags – City of Sarnia

What is the maximum weight of materials for collection?

22kgs or 48lbs except for large item collection

Can I set out my collection material prior to my scheduled collection day?

Collection material can only be placed on the boulevard after 6:00 p.m. the night before collection or before 7:00 a.m. the day of collection.

Can I set my material for collection in the gutter?

No. Collection material must be placed on your boulevard (behind the curb) or the driveway. If your material is placed in the gutter or the streets you will be contravening the Waste Collection By-Law, and may be subject to fines.

Renovation materials set out for Large Item collection were not collected. Why?

Building type materials (including toilets) are not part of the Large Item collection program. The homeowner is responsible to dispose of these materials to Transco, 387 McGregor Sr. Rd., Waste Depoot, 456 Mcgregor Sd Rd., or Curran Recycling, 526 McGregor Rd.

Unacceptable Compost

Yard waste or brush exceeding 22 kg (48Ibs), and containers holding water are not collected

Mixed yard waste with brush; brush in paper bags; tree trunks; stumps; stump grindings; mulch; root balls; clay; walnuts; and pet feces are not collected and not accepted at the compost site

These items are not accepted for curbside collection, but will be accepted at local drop off locations such as Transco Recycling (519-332-4045), Curran Recycling (519-332-0849) and Waste Depot (519-333-8252).

Why were my broken paper bags not collected?

Compromised (broken) paper bags of compost material are not picked up. Residents are responsible to clean up any material remaining on the boulevard. Residents also have the option of using ridged containers (i.e., garbage containers, or ridged plastic bins marked with an “X” on two sides, and drainage holes in the bottom).

Where can I dispose of uncollected leaves and yard waste?

Leaf and yard waste material can be brought to the City’s Compost Site at 379 Saint Andrew St. There is no charge to drop off leaf / yard waste and brush. Note: Residents of City of Sarnia Only.