Banner with park details: 95 official parks, 40kms of trails, over 1040 acres of parkland, 130,000 bedding plants, 500 trees planted annually

The City of Sarnia owns and maintained over 1040 acres of parkland, over 40 kilometers of trails, and 95 parks. These spaces are important contributors to the local economy, community health, and the environment. Beautiful park and trail spaces instill the community with a sense of culture and pride.

Additional details can be found on the Park Washrooms page.

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City of Sarnia Park Rules & Information

Some park spaces, including Canatara Park, are naturalized and protected spaces with fragile ecosystems.

All visitors to public parks are asked to respect the park space and ensure nothing is left behind in the park, and that no liquids or waste are dumped within the park.

Visitors are also asked to respect any wildlife within the parks and to not disturb them.


Please see below the summarized information that outlines the general rules of all City of Sarnia Parks. More details can be found in the Parks By-Law. Some exceptions may apply to special events and require written permission in a permit.

Anyone found to be violating the below by-laws may be ticketed and/or removed from the Park.

Please note that the City of Sarnia does not maintain nor inspect any park spaces for tobogganging, please use at your own risk. Safety gear for activities such as tobogganging, skiing, and sledding is recommended.

Picnics and Other Permits:

  • Exclusive use is granted only to those with a paid and approved permit within the constraints of the details of said permit as issued by the City of Sarnia.
  • Any person may be required to show proof of said permit to any City of Sarnia employee.

Animals (Wildlife and Pets):

  • No animals aside from dogs can be brought to a park.
  • Dogs must be always kept on-leash, except within a designated off-leash dog park (Germain).
  • Dogs are not allowed on any city beach.
  • Dog faeces or “poop” must be immediately picked up and disposed of in a designated garbage can or taken home to be disposed of properly.
  • Wildlife must not be disturbed or disrupted, unless showing immediate signs of distress or disease. Who to contact in such situations is outlined on the Wildlife page.

Garbage and Waste:

  • No garbage or waste of any kind can be left anywhere in any city park, beach, or body of water.
  • It is requested that individuals bring their garbage home to dispose of, to follow a “Leave No Trace” model. If this is not possible, then garbage must be disposed of in a designated waste or recycle can/bin.
  • Cooking grease from barbecues and/or any food waste must be disposed of properly by taking it home or disposing of it in a designated waste or recycle can/bin.

Barbecues and Fires:

  • Residential barbecues that can be carried to a green space are allowed.
    • Staff will NOT unlock gates to unload, and vehicles are NOT permitted to drive off a roadway/parking lot to unload.
    • No commercial or industrial BBQ’s are allowed.
  • Barbecuing and/or cooking is not allowed on any public beach space.
  • Cooking grease from barbecues and/or any food waste must be disposed of properly by taking it home or disposing of it in a designated waste or recycle can/bin. Absolutely no grease of food waste can be dumped in any park space, or in any beach space including in surrounding beach grass, etc.
  • No fires of any kind are allowed in any park or beach space, unless written within a permit and within in a designated fire pit.

Vehicles and Parking:

  • No vehicles larger than a standard “pick-up” type vehicle are allowed on a park roadway.
  • No driving any vehicle on any area except the designated roadways that are open to the public.
  • Vehicles driven on any green space without written permission will be fined and individuals will be responsible for any damage or repair fees to the parkland.
  • No parking on the roadways, or in a way that blocks traffic.
  • No parking on any green space, or where it is not a designated parking area.
  • No parking overnight after park hours (midnight-5am).

Recreational Vehicles (Water and Land):

  • No water vehicles of any kind are allowed on Lake Chipican.
  • No motorized water vehicles are permitted close to the beach shore, or where people may be swimming, including but not limited to the designated lifeguarded section of Canatara Beach.
  • No camping is allowed in any park space, whether it be in a tent or a vehicle of any kind.
  • No camping is allowed in any parking space within a city park.
  • No recreational vehicles including RVs, Trailers Campers, etc. are allowed in the park for any reason.


  • No person shall have in any alcoholic beverages in any park space, unless an event/rental permit with an A.G.C.O. Special Occasion Permit has been obtained.
  • Any Police or By-Law Officer or employee may exclude and/or remove any person who is disorderly and/or drunken.

Noise and Music:

  • Amplified noise is not allowed in any City park space, unless written permission is provided within a permit, as within the Noise By-Law.
  • Visitors are requested to respect those around them and recognize the park is a public space for the enjoyment of the whole community. As such, please keep any noise and/or music at a low volume and limited to your immediate surroundings only.


  • No posters, notices, advertisements, etc. are allowed to be posted in any city park, unless written permission is obtained within a permit.
  • With written permission, no such items can be nailed or fastened to any park space that may cause damage.

Disorderly Behaviour:

  • Any Police or By-Law Officer or employee may exclude and/or remove any person who is disorderly and/or drunken.
  • Any Police or By-Law Officer or employee may exclude and/or remove any person who is in violation of the Parks By-Law.


Please refer to the Parks By-law and/or any other applicable City of Sarnia Laws and By-Laws for more information.

Canatara Park

Canatara Park is the largest and most well-known park in the City of Sarnia. It has many attractions including a long stretch of sandy beach, rentable picnic pavilions and spaces, a concert stage near the beach, a BMX and Bike Track, and many paved and unpaved trails.

Canatara Beach is 1 of only 27 beaches in Canada to have earned official Blue Flag status for its commitment to adhere to strict water quality and a number of other criteria. The beach has rubber mat walkways to make the beach more accessible to people using wheelchairs or strollers, and accessible chairs for beach access.

Seasonal Parking Lot Closures: The two parking lots west of the main beach parking lot close for the winter season in December, and re-open to the community in early spring.

The lots are closed off to vehicle traffic with barriers, and signage is posted on-site to share this information with visitors. Parking remains available for winter visitors at the main lot, and all other parking areas in the park remain open.

These two parking lots are challenging given their age and condition as water consistently pools at the entrances creating safety concerns when it freezes over. Given the challenges, these parking lots are not maintained throughout the winter, and as such they often present a challenging obstacle for residents who inadvertently enter the area on occasion and sometimes find themselves unable to exit unassisted.

To prevent these types of scenarios and encourage visitors to utilize other cleared parking areas in Canatara Park.

Refer to the Aquatic Facilities page for more information regarding Canatara Beach.

The park is home to a number of community groups and businesses including the Seaway Kiwanis Mini Train, the Seaway Kiwanis Children’s Animal Farm, and a number of community lead events.

Located at 1200 Lake Chipican Drive, Sarnia, ON N7V3C1. Park hours are 5am to midnight.

Details regarding the Seaway Kiwanis Children’s Animal Farm can be found through the Sarnia District Humane Society website or by phone. Additional information is available on the Seaway Kiwanis website.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park Map

Centennial Park features award winning floral gardens, a children’s play area, a Flag Court, walking trails, and the Suncor Agora stage. You can walk along through Centennial Park waterfront to view the beautiful St. Clair River, and the Andrew S. Brandt Marina in Sarnia Bay. Every winter the park is illuminated with thousands of colourful lights for the Celebration of Lights Christmas event.

Sarnia’s General Waterfront

Memorial and commemorative benches line the waterfront, and are placed in memory of beloved Sarnia citizens. The Point Lands Cremated Ashes Scattering Site is also located towards the Marina, as well as an in-ground functioning model of the Ontario Great Lakes.

Located at 430 Front Street North, Sarnia, ON N7T7V4. Park hours are 5am to midnight.

The Indigenous Community Flag Plaza is located in the south section of Bayshore Park. Flags are on display from Aamjiwnaang, Kettle & Stony Point, and Walpole Island (Bkejwanong) First Nations. The outer ring of the flag plaza features the Medicine Wheel that embodies the Four Directions, as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Spirit Tree.

Details regarding the Andrew S. Brandt Marina (formerly the Sarnia Bay Marina) can be found on their website.

Please note that the City of Sarnia does not maintain nor inspect the park for tobogganging, please use at your own risk. Safety gear for activities such as tobogganging, skiing, and sledding is recommended.

Germain Park


Germain Park encompasses over 60 acres of parks and recreation space. Amenities include a tennis/pickleball court, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, playground equipment, a concrete outdoor stage, the Germain Dog Park, the Germain Garden Plots, the Strangway Centre, and walking trails through the award-winning Germain Gardens. It has three entrances – East. St., Bright St., and Germain St.

The park is also home to the Sarnia Lawn Bowling Club and the Golden Hawk Memorial for WWII airmen.

Located at 900 Germain St, Sarnia, ON N7S1L8. Park hours are 5am to midnight.

Germain Dog Park

The Germain Off-Leash Dog Park is an enclosed space near the Bright Street entrance and is a great place to bring your dog for some exercise. It is recommended that dog owners should not bring their dogs to off-leash parks to socialize them, as dogs should have good temperaments and socialization skills before entering a dog park.

Located at 264 East St. N., Sarnia, ON. Open from 8am to 9pm.

Rules & Regulations
1. Use of off leash is at the owner’s risk. No excessive barking
2. No balls, toys, food, dog treats or glass permitted.
3. All dogs must have their current rabies vaccination tag and a city or municipal dog license tag on them at all times.
4. Dog owners/handlers shall be responsible for immediate clean up.
5. Absolutely no puppies under 4 months, no female dogs in heat, no sick or aggressive dogs allowed.
6. Any dogs required by law to be muzzled must remain so within the park.
7. Off leash is only permitted within the designated fenced areas. Dogs must remain in leash at all other times.
8. Dog owners must remain with their dogs in the off-leash area at all times.
9. Minors under 16 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. Children shall not run, shout or otherwise antagonize dogs.
10. Max of 3 dogs per adult.

All park users are subject to the dog owner’s liability act and the City of Sarnia By Law #133 of 2009.

By Law Enforcement: 519-332-0330 x3220

Call 519-332-0330 (or 226-472-1150 direct) for afterhours Public Works, Animal Control, or Parks emergencies.

Germain Park Master Plan

After multiple rounds of public consultation, Sarnia City Council, approved a new Germain Park Master Plan in April 2023.

Built on extensive public input from 10 stakeholder groups and over 1,100 individual respondents, the plan outlines a vision for the park that reflects changing recreational preferences; serves a diverse array of recreation types; celebrates heritage; is accessible, welcoming and safe; and strengthens long-term sustainability through infrastructure resiliency and asset management planning.

To learn more visit our Germain Park Master Plan page.

Kenwick Park


Kenwick Park is situated across the street from the Bright’s Grove Beach. Amenities include a covered pavilion and a wedding gazebo for rent, multi-use courts for tennis/pickleball, a playground, and washrooms facilities. A seasonal fry truck is on-site, and Beach Bumz rentals provide paddle boards and kayaks for rent at this park seasonally, and weather permitting.

Located at 2759 Lakeshore Rd, Bright’s Grove, ON N0N1C0. Park hours are 5am to midnight.

Beach Bumz operates out of Canatara Park (beside the lifeguard shack) and at Kenwick Park in Bright’s Grove. They can be contacted in person at each location, by phone at 519-381-7176 / 1-855-383-7433 or on their Facebook page.

Mike Weir Park


Mike Weir Park is named after a world-famous golfer, born and raised in the Sarnia and Bright’s Grove area. It features beach access, a large sports field, a play area and jungle gym for kids, and a sheltered picnic area. It is also home to the Sarnia Cricket Club.

Located at 2354 Lakeshore Rd, Sarnia, ON N7X1G7. Park hours are 5am to midnight.

Skate Parks and BMX Tracks

All Skate Parks and BMX Tracks are open seasonally from April to October, weather permitting. All users are required to use safety gear, helmets, elbow & wrist guards and kneepads.

Youth Cox Centre BMX/Skate Park
Located in Tecumseh Park at 334 Russell St. South.
Open Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Seaway Kiwanis BMX Track
Located in Canatara Park, south of the Animal Farm, at 1200 Lake Chipican Drive.
Open Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Harry Turnbull Skate Park
This skate park is a 30-year-old facility designed for in-line and skateboard use. It features two hills and a bowl area for beginners to advanced skaters.

Located in Harry Turnbull Park at 235 Maxwell Street.
Open Sunday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Howard Watson Nature Trail

The Howard Watson Trail runs from Sarnia to the Town of Camlachie and is open year-round. It is a multi-use, non-motorized trail. It is 16 kms in length, 6 km through urban areas and 10 kms in rural areas. Horses are only allowed on the rural section of the trail.

The trail is maintained in partnership between the City of Sarnia and Lambton County, and has a number of generous members of the Adopt-A-Park or Trail Program who work to ensure the trail is clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Details regarding Bluewater Trails can be found on their website.

Suncor Energy Foundation Nature Way

Details: Along this 1.5 km section of the Bluewater Trails system you can view native trees, wetlands, grass prairies and a variety of wildlife. A pedestrian bridge connects to the Wawanosh Wetlands Conservation Area, providing hikers an excellent extended trail experience. The trail can be accessed at Modeland Road near Berger Road.

Length: 1.5 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Trail surface: Compacted soil/hard packed
Trail use: Hiking
Washroom Facilities: Accessible port-a-john available year-round

Refer to the Contact Us page to submit an inquiry or report a safety concern.