Drawing #Revision DetailDrawing Description
87-SFSewer Lateral Drop Pipe
95-SFHydrant Installation
100-SFStandard Residential Meter Pit
101-SFWater Chamber for Water Meters Pressure Varying Mains
102-SFPump Station No. 1 Modification for Muffin Monster
106-SFTypical 50mm Watermain Blowoff
107-SFWater Distribution System
108-FStandard Curb Cuts for Residential Driveways
108-SFGranular Foundations – Storm and Sanitary Main Line and Service Lateral Trenches
109-FLot Servicing
110-FRear Lot Catchbasin Detail
112-FConcrete Sidewalk
112-GChristina Street Concrete Sidewalk
112-SFGranular Foundations for Watermain and Water Service Trenches
113-SFMulti-Use Trail Cross Section
113-SF-1Fence Detail for Multi-Use Trail
114-FUtility Location Local Road 20m Road Allowance
114-AFUtility Location Local Road 20m Road Allowance
115-SFStandard Meter Pit
119-FAlternate Detail for Combined Sidewalk – Curb and Gutter
120-FDriveway Culvert Cross Section
122-FUrban Industrial Commercial and Apartment Entrances
128-FBack Yard Dry Well Installation
130-FSample Lot Grading Plan
134-FStandard Location for Water Valves at Intersections
136-FProject Signboard
137-FTypical Service Entrances
138-FInsulation of Shallow Mains and Offsets
150-FTypical Temporary Water Service Blow Off Installation (Copper Only)
150-GTypical Temporary Water Service Blow Off Installation
151-FProposed Orifice Control Plate
152-FStreet Name Sign Template
153-FSignalized Intersection Configurations of Pedestrian Crossing
154-FLocation of Dropped Curbs at Controlled Intersections
155-FTactile Walking Surface Indicator and Depressed Curb Detail
160Typical Subdrain Detail
1882-SExtension Shute for Catchbasins
2064-SStandard Timber Markers for House Connections
2071-S1Storm Subdrain Pipe
2485Typical Wheelchair Ramps in Sidewalk Separate from Curb and Gutter
2486Typical Wheelchair Ramp in Sidewalk Adjacent to Curb and Gutter
2500PVC Pipe Thrust Restraints
2600Temporary Water Supply Detail
2700Glued fittingsSanitary Service Cleanout with 4m Extension
2800Temporary Steel Plate
3000new1.5m Chain Link Fence
3800newBackflow Prevention and Water Meter Chamber Internal Bypass – Typical
3900newBackflow Prevention and Water Meter Chamber External Bypass – Typical